| Seasons |

I have recently just come to a point of truly accepting that sometimes God works through seasons, and that even through seasons, He works all things out for good. Whether it be friendships, jobs, sports, group gatherings. Sometimes God only calls us to a certain area for a season.

// It may be that we are holding on so tightly to something we are comfortable with, something that we’re used to doing in routine, that we are missing God’s next step for us. //Maybe what we are holding on to is average, when God wants to bless us with something extraordinary. We just have to let go, so that our hands and hearts are open. This does not mean material things necessarily. Maybe the place we are in now is causing us to be distracted from God’s goodness, and the new place that God is calling us will allow us to experience God’s presence like never before.

If we are continuing to knock on a door that won’t open, maybe we should ask ourselves if that is the next opportunity that God has for us. Don’t be discouraged because of closed doors. Rejoice in God’s protection, because you have no idea what kind of danger you are being protected from. The lost friendship, the lost job, change in career, whatever your change in plans may be. This I can promise you, // God has you. //

I have stopped saying “I hate change.” God has taught me to say “I rejoice in change.” I rejoice in new beginnings. I rejoice in new places. I rejoice in new friendships. Wherever God has called me, there I will go. I will not look back, only forward to what is ahead.

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