2018… This year has been a tough one. I lost one of the most important people I’ve ever had, the women who has been my mother figure my entire life. Over the past few years I’ve thought, “how could I possibly repay my grandparents for all they’ve done for me?” I could never repay my grandparents for the support they’ve provided for me. Their wisdom, love, patience, kindness, discipline, discernment.. They have loved me in my most unlovable times. They chased after my heart, no matter how difficult, or how long. They have loved me with a steadfast love. They have loved me with long-suffering. They adopted me as their own child, even when they didn’t have to. They called me their own, though I certainly did not deserve it. They saved me from being an orphan, they called me their beloved child.

And then God whispered to me, “that’s [grace].” We are saved by grace. Grace defines us, and nothing else. // God saved us when we weren’t even aware that we needed to be saved. He fought for us even when we weren’t aware that we needed to be fought for. // Grace. How beautiful! That we could have something unimaginable, completely free. The only thing God requires of us is open hands. We don’t have to be “qualified.” Actually, we never could be. He just asks us to accept His gift of grace, so that we can live for eternity with Him. Jesus died for you. He died for your sins. He paid for every mistake you’ve ever committed, and He knows every inch of your heart, good and bad. [YET HE’S STILL PURSUING YOU.] He died to pay for the pain you’ve experienced. And He wants you to experience true healing. Just as my grandparents longed to have a close relationship with me, so our Heavenly Father longs to live intimately with us, and much more so! Through Jesus (being absolutely perfect) dying on the cross for us, we have a way to a relationship with God. All that is required of us to have a relationship with God is believing that Jesus died in the cross for our sin, acknowledgement and confession of our sin, asking God to forgive us of our sin, and asking Jesus into our hearts to become our Lord and Savior. Though it is a miracle, God makes it so simple.

And for those who have a relationship with God, but struggle with the concept of grace.. We can’t fully comprehend the depth of His grace towards us. It is both intentional and a miracle at the same time. Know that you are deeply loved by the Savior, friend. God relentlessly pursues you, though you feel unworthy. God’s grace can save anyone. Your mistakes are not greater than His grace. You are not defined by anything else but His love for you. God calls you His own, His beloved.

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