Life, it’s a precious gift from the Lord: the physical and the spiritual.Our physical life is short. In James it says that our life is but a midst, it’s here and then it’s gone. I believe that now. My grandmother’s passing taught me an important thing: that we must appreciate the life that God has given us. Furthermore, we must appreciate the life that God has given others. You have no idea if you will see your neighbor tomorrow. Chances are, you will. But what if you don’t? This should not cause us to live in fear, but in love. We never truly appreciate people until they’re gone. Why is that? Why are we so prideful? We take many things for granted. God has given us a gift more valuable than gold. Will you pray with me? Will you pray that our hearts would be humbled enough to appreciate the life that stands before us? Pray that we would start to appreciate our neighbors, and that we would stop allowing such foolish things to come between us and the person we are standing beside. The truth is, what we become angry about, what we argue over, what we become resentful over, none of that will matter in eternity. What does matter, right now, is how we treat people. God has called us to love. Not hate. In loving our neighbor, we become closer to and more like Jesus. And isn’t that the goal? We cannot love God and hate His creation. We must love God, and because we love Him, love His creation also. God created us for one another, not to be against one another. Let’s appreciate our neighbor. Let’s love our neighbor.

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